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Selecting layouts
A layout is the basic framework for your label or insert design. It contains a default set of elements (objects, object placements, and font details). You can use the default layout as it is, or you can customize it by adding or removing objects, adjusting the object placement, contents and font details, or adding background images.
There are layouts for the following types of labels and inserts:
n Disc (both CD and DVD)
n DVD Booklet
n Front
n Slim Case Insert
n Back
n Core Label
n Booklet
n Disc Sleeve
n Mini Disc
n Disc Sleeve (Double Sided)
n DVD Case
n Binder Page
You can change the appearance of the layout by applying a Style—a grouping of predestined objects, object placements, font details, and backgrounds. Label Creator provides you with a library of professionally designed Styles from which to choose. For more information, see Applying styles.
You can save a customized layout as a Style to use with other Label Creator projects. For more information, see Creating custom styles.