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Applying styles
A predefined background, font, and object placement for a layout is called a style. Label Creator has a selection of professionally designed styles to choose from. You can select a style and apply it to a layout or to any group of layouts in your project, or you can choose to apply only some of the style objects.
Note: If you switch the project type, for example from Video to Data, the style background and font will remain the same, but the objects change to the objects predefined for the project type you switch to.
To apply a style to a project:
1 In the Edit Layout area, click Select Style.
The Select Style dialog box appears.
2 Choose a Style category on the left.
The Styles in the category are displayed in the preview area. Use the scroll bars to view all the Styles in the category.
3 In the preview area, click a Style to select it.
4 In the Use Style Objects area, you can select whether to apply any or all of the Style’s:
n Background: Image or color.
n Placements: Object placements.
n Typography: Font, appearance, and effects.
5 To apply the Style to each layout in your project, select Apply To All Layouts. If you do not select this option, the style is applied to the current layout only.
6 Click OK.
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