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Adjusting the printer alignment
Printer calibration attempts to adjust and correct the difference between what you see on the screen and the printout. This is especially necessary for cards and labels.
To calibrate your printer:
1 In the Print dialog, click Calibrate.
The Print Calibration dialog is displayed.
2 If you have more than one printer connected to your computer, select a printer from the drop-down list.
3 Click Print Test Page.
A test page containing an alignment scale and re-insertion instructions is printed. Click Next to display the next window.
4 Reload the test page into your printer following the instructions on the test page, click Print Test Letters, and when your page has printed click Next to display the next window.
5 Follow the instructions on the test page to enter the calibration adjustments and click Done.
6 Click OK to apply the calibration settings, or Cancel to discard your changes.
7 Before you start printing using these adjustments, it is a good idea to print a test page as described in Printing a test page.
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