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Printing your Label Creator project
Before you print directly onto a disc or on special label or cover stock, we recommend that you align your printer and print a test page. For more information, see the following sections:
If you have a LightScribe-enabled recorder and discs, see Burning labels onto discs using LightScribe®.
To print your project:
1 Click the Print button (or choose File > Print).
The Print dialog box appears.
2 If you have more than one printer connected to your computer, select a printer from the drop-down list.
3 Optional: Click Properties to change the printer settings, such as paper source and page orientation. For more information about your printer settings, see the documentation that came with your printer.
4 In the Layout Navigator select the check box in layouts you want to print.
5 Optional: To preview a layout, select it in the Layout Navigator.
The selected layout appear in the preview area.
6 In the Media drop-down list, select one of the following options to specify type of media you want to have your project printed on:
n Standard Paper
n Commercial Paper
n Print to Disc
The Paper Type drop-down list changes to the options available for the media you chose.
7 Optional: Depending on what media type you chose in step 6, and what layout you have selected, you can choose from the associated print options that are presented. For example, if chose Standard Paper for your Media, and Letter (8.5 x 11 in) for your paper type, you can select either of the following options:
n Print Disc Outline: Lets you print the disc outline.
n Print Center/Core Label: Lets you print the center (core) of the label, if you are printing a disc label.
Both of these options are useful if you are printing a test page.
8 To specify the number of copies, choose the number in the Number of Copies box.
9 Optional: If your layout includes an Overspan Disc Number Smart Object, and the project spans discs, the Number of Copies dialog box is displayed. You can chose to either print all pages, or a range of pages.
10 Optional: To set printing preferences such as whether to add an overbleed to an image so that the image extends beyond the print area boundaries, click Preferences.
For more information, click Help in the Print Preferences dialog box.
11 Optional: If your printouts do not line up correctly on the paper stock, you should calibrate your printer. To do so, click Calibrate. See Adjusting the printer alignment for more information.
12 Optional: If you want to make sure your project aligns with the paper properly, you can print a test page before printing the entire project by clicking Print Test Page.
13 Click OK to begin printing.
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