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Applying labels to discs
For best results, we recommend that you use a label applicator to apply labels to discs and follow the manufacturer's instructions.
What is a label applicator?
A label applicator is a simple tool that allows you to adhere a label firmly and neatly to the surface of a disc. Label applicators are usually available at any office supply and computer retail stores that also sell label or cover stock.
When applying labels, make sure to:
n Record and test the disc before applying the label
n Place the label on the top of the disc as it was placed in the recorder during recording.
n Apply the label evenly in the center of the disc. Labels applied off-center can affect the balance and cause vibration noises in some drives. Using a label applicator to center the label on the disc will help.
n Never remove a label once it has been applied. Doing so can destroy the data on the disc.
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