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Adding a data folder to an audio CD
You can create a multi-session disc that contains both music tracks and a data track. The first session on the disc contains the music tracks, so a home or car stereo CD player can play them. The second session contains data intended for your computer’s disc drive. For example, you could create an audio disc including audio tracks and cover art files or a Word document containing song lyrics.
If you add a data folder to a spanned audio CD project, the folder is added to the last disc in the set.
To add a data folder to an audio CD:
1 Choose File > Project Settings, and then select Add data folder to disc.
2 Click Browse, and then locate and select the folder containing the data files you want to add to the disc.
3 Click OK.
4 Click OK to close the Project Settings dialog box.
When you burn your audio CD, it will contain a data folder.
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