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Burning projects to disc or saving as disc image files
Follow this procedure to burn your project to disc or to create a disc image file.
A disc image file is a complete copy of a disc that is stored on your hard disk instead of recorded to a blank disc. You can create a disc image file for any type of project in Music Disc Creator.
Note: Some tracks may be protected by DRM, which may prevent burning, or limit the number of copies you can burn to disc. In addition, protected files may not be saved in a disc image file.

For more information, see Important information about protected audio tracks.
To burn a project to disc or save as a disc image file:
1 Click the Burn button.
The Burn Setup dialog box appears.
2 To create a disc image file, select Save disc image file, and then click Browse to select the location for the disc image file. Otherwise, to burn the project to disc, do not select this check box.
3 Select the burn options as needed, and then click OK to begin burning the project to disc or saving the image file.
For more information about the options in the Burn Setup dialog, click the Help button.
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