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Sending tracks to a portable device
Follow this procedure to send the tracks in your project to a portable device, such as an iPod® (iTunes must be installed) or PSP™, any WMDM (Windows Media Device Manager) compliant MP3 player, or any MP3 device that appears as a drive letter on your computer.
To send tracks to a portable device:
1 Select the tracks you want to send to the device.
2 Right-click, and choose Send to Portable Device.
Tip: If your project is an MP3/WMA disc, you can send the whole project, not just selected tracks, by clicking the Send to Portable Device button.
3 Select the device to send the track to from the drop-down list.
4 Optional. To convert all of the tracks to the same file format, check Convert to preferred audio format before sending.
5 If you selected the option to convert the audio format, select a format from the Preferred Audio Format drop-down list. You can use a preset format, or click Edit to customize the format.
For more information about customizing the format, click Help or press F1 in the File Format dialog box.
6 Click Send to send the files to the portable device.
7 If playlists are available, select the destination playlist when prompted.
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