creator>Creating MP3/WMA discs>MP3/WMA Disc project settings
MP3/WMA Disc project settings
Enter the following information about the MP3/WMA disc:
n Disc name: Enter a name for the disc.
Choose one of the following conversion options:
n Keep native audio file formats (faster): Select to keep the current file formats of the audio tracks.
n Convert all to: Select the format to which you want to convert the audio tracks. Choose one of the following options:
n Custom
n iPod AAC (good quality)
n MP3 (good quality)
n MP3 (low quality)
n WMA (good quality)
n WMA (low quality)
If you select Custom, click Options to select custom options.
n Force the conversion of files of the same audio format: (Only available if you choose the Convert tracks to option.) Check this box to convert all files to the same format, even if the source files are already the same as the selected format. This will ensure that all of the format options for all of the files are identical.
n Presentation Formats: Affects the order in which the audio files play. Different devices support different formats, so you should select as many formats as possible.
n File naming: Click to create file names for imported audio files using track information from the original media. For more information, click Help or press F1 in the File Name Structure dialog box.
n Rename tracks to ensure playback order: Check this box to automatically rename the tracks so that they will play back in the correct order even on players that do not support playlists.
n Advanced: Select the File System to use for your project. If you are not sure what settings to choose, refer to your MP3 player documentation.
n Add data folder to disc: Select to add a folder containing data files to the disc.