Search by Tags
the Search by Tags feature automatically generates tracks lists for your projects. For example, you might use Search by Tags to create a Track List that includes files of a particular genre or by a particular artist.
To create a Track List using Search by Tags:
1 Select the following options:
n Tag: Choose one of the following items to search on:
n Track Name
n Artist Name
n Genre
n Year Released
n Album Name
n Album Artist
n Track Number
n Beats per minute
n Condition: Choose one of the following conditions:
n Equals
n Does not equal
n Contains
n Does not contain
n Equals or before (for release year)
n Equals or after (for release year)
n Equals or below (for track number)
n Equals or above (for track number)
n Value: The values of the criteria the search is based on. For example, if you selected “Genre” as a search criterion, you could select “Jazz” as the value.
2 To add another rule, click the plus sign.
3 Optional. For Limit results to, enter the maximum number of tracks, minutes, or megabytes to include in the track list (for example, 25 tracks, 45 minutes, 20 megabytes).
4 Optional. To add the files to the project in random order, select Shuffle result set.
5 Choose how to add the tracks to the project:
n Add tracks to currently selected track list in project
n Add tracks as a new track list
If you chose to add the tracks as a new track list, enter a name for the track list.
6 To create the Quick Track List, click Search.
7 To add the tracks to the project, click Add to Project.