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Check for unidentified tracks dialog box
This dialog box lets you automatically identify tracks and track information. Track information, called audio tags, can be very useful for finding and categorizing your audio tracks. Examples of audio tags are song titles, artist and album names, and music genre.
Note: Depending on the number of unidentified tracks you have, the search may take a long time. For example, if you have thousands of unidentified tracks, the search may take several hours. However, once tracks are identified, the information is saved and you will not have to repeat this process.
To scan for and identify new tracks:
1 From the Tools menu, select Check for Unidentified Tracks.
2 Select a location to scan from the drop-down list. For example, you can choose to scan all of your hard disks, or your My Music folder, or another folder. Click Start Scan to begin.
You can skip this step if you already have identified tracks in your music library.
Note: When tracks are added to your music library, they are left in their original location; no copies are made.
The status of the scan is indicated by the progress bar, and by a message that displays the number of new tracks that have been found. If you need to stop the scan, click Stop and review results.
3 When the scan is complete, click Continue with track identification, or select another location to scan and click Start Scan again. Otherwise, track identification will begin automatically.
The track identification status is indicated by the progress bar, and by a message that displays the number of tracks that have been identified, are unrecognized, or have multiple matches.
4 When track identification is complete, choose one of the following options:
n Click Review Results to see the track information. If some tracks had multiple matches, this is where you can select the best track information. You can also manually update track identification, if necessary.
n Click Exit.
Note: If you exit now, track identification will not be saved.
5 In the Audio Tag Editor, review the results of the scan. For information about the options available in the Audio Tag Editor, click Help or press F1.