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Searching using advanced search criteria
In My Media view, you can perform advanced searches on keyword, file type, creation or modification date, and other media-specific criteria.
After performing an advanced search, you can save the search results as a Custom View.
To perform an advanced search:
1 On the Options Bar, click More.
The Advanced Search dialog box appears.
2 Enter search criteria as follows:
a To search on file or album name, enter all or part of the name.
b To limit the search to specific file types, select them.
c To limit the search to a specific album, select the album, and specify whether to search albums inside the selected album.
3 On the General page, set the following search criteria:
Comments: To search for comment text, enter the text.
When was it: To search on date, choose whether to search on modification date or creation date, and specify the date or date range.
What size is it: To search on file size, specify a file size or size range.
4 On the Keywords page, select the keywords for which you want to search.
5 On the Special Properties page, set criteria specific to the type of file for which you are searching.
6 Click Search.
The results appear in the Search Results area.
You can save the search results by clicking either Save as New Album or Save as New Custom View.
Tip: To clear the search word and perform another search, click Clear Search Criteria on the Advanced Search dialog box, and then go to step 2.