Scene Detection
This dialog box allows you to automatically or manually divide a video clip into shorter video clips.
To detect scenes automatically:
1 Drag the Sensitivity slider left or right, or click Plus (+) or Minus(-) to adjust scene detection—increase the sensitivity to create video clips when less color and brightness change is detected, or decrease the sensitivity to create video clips only when significant changes are detected.
2 Click Auto-detect now to start automatic scene detection.
3 Click Stop Auto-detect to stop automatic scene detection.
Thumbnails of the scenes appear in the thumbnail area.
To create a new scene manually:
1 Use the playback controls to advance to the position at which you want to insert a scene.
2 To define a new scene, click Add scene.
Each time you define a scene, a thumbnail of the first frame of that scene is added to the thumbnail area.
3 For each scene you want to define, repeat step 1 and step 2.
To delete scenes:
n In the thumbnail area, select the thumbnails of the scenes you delete, and then click Remove.