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Creating a video disc from video on a video camera
The following steps explain how to use Plug & Burn to capture video from a camera directly to a disc.
To create a video disc from video on your camera using Plug & Burn:
1 Ensure that the camera is connected to your computer, and in the correct mode to review or play back saved video.
2 Start Plug & Burn. From Roxio Home, select the Video - Movies project category, and click Plug and Burn.
3 Customize the production settings:
a Choose whether to include a menu on the disc. If you include a menu, you can choose a menu style. If you choose the No Menu option, the movie will automatically begin playing when you insert the disc in a player.
b Give the disc a title.
c Select the drive to which you want to record, and insert an editable disc.
d Optional: If you want to erase the existing content on the disc, click Erase Disc.
Note: For a rewritable or an unfinalized writable disc, if you do not erase the disc, the new video will be added to the existing files on the disc.
e Select the disc type from the drop-down list.
4 Click Next.
5 Customize the capture settings:
a Select the device from which you are capturing video.
b Specify the capture quality. The better the capture quality, the better the resulting output, and the greater the resulting file size. (If the disc type you’ve chosen only supports one quality level, the Quality settings will be disabled.)
c Choose whether to create chapters, based on either scene changes or elapsed time.
6 In the Movie Name box, enter the name of the new movie.
7 Start capturing:
n To capture an entire video, click Capture entire tape.
n To capture live video, click Capture now. When you are finished capturing, click Stop.
n To capture selected scenes, use the playback controls to start playing the scenes you want to capture, and click Capture now. When you are finished capturing, click Stop.
n To capture for a set length of time, select Set Capture Length then use the controls to set the time period.
8 To add additional titles, repeat step 6 and step 7.
9 Click Finish to start burning the video to a disc. The Burn Project dialog box opens. When both progress indicators have reached 100 percent, click OK.
10 Eject your disc.
When capturing HDV content, keep the following notes in mind:
n You must choose BDMV as the disc type and burn your video to a Blu-ray Disc.
n The Quality settings are set automatically and cannot be changed.