Editing a key frame
Once you have established key frames on a motion path in the Pan & Zoom Editor, you can edit any key frame to change any of these properties:
n Position within the photo or video’s clip duration at which the key frame begins
n Location and size of the bounding box
You can edit the time position of any key frame in any of these ways:
n Click and drag any key frame marker left or right to change the time position at which the key frame begins.
Tip: For finer control, use the jog wheel.
n From the Key frame list, choose a key frame (for example, KeyFrame 2). Then drag the key frame jog wheel left or right to adjust the time position at which the key frame begins.
To edit the size and location of a key frame’s bounding box:
1 Select the key frame from the Key frame list.
2 To change the location of the key frame’s bounding box, drag the bounding box to a different location in the key frame area.
3 To change the size of the key frame bounding box, drag the Size slider left or right.
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