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Tips for improving print quality
The following tips may help you improve the print quality of your photos:
n Select a high print quality in your printer’s settings. When you choose a high quality print setting, the print output improves, but the print job takes longer.
n If you are scanning images, scan at the highest image resolution available. Refer to your scanner’s documentation for information about setting the best resolution.
n Select the highest photographic quality for your digital camera. You cannot store as many photos on the camera at a time, but the higher‑quality photos will give you better print results.
n Use color matching, if your printer supports it. The colors on screen do not always match the printed colors. The color-matching feature improves consistency between on screen and printed colors.
n Use photographic quality printer paper. Photos do not print well on laser printer paper. Choose paper designed for color or photographic printing so the colors are more vibrant. You can find photographic paper at your computer supply store or at some camera stores.
Note: Some color printers require proprietary paper. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations.