Using Flood Fill
Follow this procedure to use the Flood Fill tool to select pixels in your photo according to their color, and make changes to them. For example, you can select a red area in a photo and adjust that area’s saturation, or change the red to another color.
Unlike the Paint Brush tool, the Flood Fill tool does not create a new object for each stroke. The tool works directly on the photo itself.
Note: The Flood Fill tool is only available for use in photos.
To use the Flood Fill tool:
1 In the Tools pane, click Flood Fill.
2 Select a fill style. Each fill style is represented by a thumbnail that indicates the effect created by the brush.
3 If you selected Normal, Colorize, or Tint, you can change the fill color. From the Color drop-down list, select a color.
Tip: For more color choices, select More colors. Or use the eye dropper: Click the eye dropper tool, and then click a sample of the color you want to use. You can click a color anywhere in the PhotoSuite window—for example, you can select a color from a photo in the Canvas.
4 Use the sliders to adjust the following settings:
n Tolerance: Set PhotoSuite’s sensitivity to differences in color. If you set the tolerance to 0, then PhotoSuite only select pixels that are exactly the same color as the one you click on. As you increase the tolerance, PhotoSuite selects colors that differ more significantly from the selected pixels.
n Transparency: Increase or decrease the degree to which light is allowed to pass through the fill. The settings range from Less (solid color) to More (invisible).
n Edge Fading: Increase or decrease the blurring of the edges of the fill, or how much the fill blends in to the background.
5 Click the area in the photo you want to fill.
To replace only one pixel and the surrounding pixels of the same color (depending on the tolerance setting), click in one area. To replace the pixels in an area of the photo and the surrounding pixels of the same color (depending on the tolerance setting) click and drag the mouse over the area you want to fill.
The pixels are replaced with the selected style and color.
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