Using Fill Effects
Follow this procedure to use the Fill Effects tool to fill the selected section of a photo with an effect.
You might use this feature to highlight an object in a photo. Using a mask tool, you can select everything but the object you want to highlight. Then, you can increase the transparency of the selected part of the photo, or apply a black-and-white or blurring effect.
The Fill Effects tool does not create a new object for each stroke. The tool works directly on the photo itself.
Note: The Fill Effects tool is only available for use in photos.
To use the Fill Effects tool:
1 In the Enhance pane, click Fill Effects.
2 Select a fill style. Each fill style is represented by a thumbnail that indicates the effect created by the brush.
3 Select the brush style (fill and border, fill only, or border only).
4 If you selected Normal, Colorize, or Tint, you can change the fill and border colors. Select colors from the appropriate drop-down list box (Fill Color or Border Color).
Tip: For more color choices, select More colors. Or use the eye dropper: Click the eye dropper tool, and then click a sample of the color you want to use. You can click a color anywhere in the PhotoSuite window—for example, you can select a color from a photo in the Canvas.
5 Use the sliders to adjust the following settings:
n Transparency: Increase or decrease the degree to which light is allowed to pass through the fill. The settings range from Less (solid color) to More (invisible).
n Thickness: Increase or decrease the thickness of the fill border.
6 Click Apply.
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