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Applying special effects
Follow this procedure to apply special effects to a photo or an object in a project. There are several types of effects available in PhotoSuite, including artistic effects that can make your photo look like an oil or watercolor painting, color effects that add a tint to the photo, and many others.
To apply a special effect:
1 If you want to apply an effect to a photo or any other object in the PhotoSuite project file, select it in the Canvas.
Tip: To apply an effect to part of a photo, use the mask feature.
2 On the Enhance your photos tab, click Special Effects.
3 Optional: Select an effect category from the drop-down list. By default, the All Effects category is selected. This category shows thumbnail examples of all the effects available.
4 Select an effect.
The settings available for the selected effect appear. These settings vary depending on the effect.
5 Optional: To see how the selected object looks with the effect applied, select the Show Preview check box.
6 Click Apply.
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