Removing red eye
Follow this procedure to correct the “red eye” that appears when the flash from the camera reflects off the subjects’ eyes.
To remove red eye:
1 If the photo you want to edit is an object in the PhotoSuite project file, select it in the Canvas.
2 On the Fix your photos tab, click Red Eye.
When you move the cursor over the photo, it becomes a circle with a cross-hair.
3 To let PhotoSuite automatically remove red eye from the photo, click AutoFix.
4 To remove red eye manually, complete the following steps:
a Use the zoom tools on the Canvas Toolbar to enlarge the photo until you can work easily on the eyes.
b Use the slider to increase or decrease the size of the brush until it is slightly bigger than the eye.
c Click or brush over the red area of the eye until the red is removed.
Tip: To undo a stroke, on the Canvas Toolbar, click Undo.
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