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Cloning one area onto another
Follow this procedure to copy pixels from one area of a photo and paste them over another area. The Clone Brush allows you to repair a damaged area of a photo by replacing it with pixels from an undamaged area that has the same appearance.
Note: You can only clone an area from a photo onto another area of the same photo. You cannot clone from one photo onto another, unless they are both part of the same project and you flatten the project. (After you flatten the project, you can no longer edit each photo individually.)
To clone one area of a photo onto another:
1 If the photo you want to edit is an object in the PhotoSuite project file, select it in the Canvas.
2 In the Tools pane, click Clone Brush.
3 Click in the area of the photo that you want to copy.
The Source brush appears temporarily in this area (called the start point) and the Destination brush becomes active.
Tip: Click the Reset start point button if you want to choose a different start point.
4 Use the sliders to adjust the following brush settings:
n Size: Increase or decrease the size of the brush.
n Transparency: Increase or decrease the intensity of the effect. Choose a low value for more opaque brush, or a stronger effect. Choose a high value for a more transparent brush, or a weaker effect.
n Edge Fading: Increase or decrease the amount of fading around the edge of the Destination brush.
5 Brush the area you want to replace with the cloned section.
The Source and Destination brushes are linked. As you move the Destination brush, the Source brush also moves. As you drag the mouse, the pixels under the Source brush are copied to the area under the Destination brush. You may need to reset the start point several times to achieve the results you want.
Tip: To undo a stroke, on the Canvas Toolbar, click Undo.
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