Burn failures
If your recording fails or if some files could not be recorded, you will be notified in the project window.
Recording errors can occur when the media contains dirt, fingerprints, or scratches. In some projects, files may not be recorded because they were in use by another application while the project was running.
If you are getting recording errors:
n Make sure the format and speed rating of the disc you are using is compatible with your disc recorder.
n Try using a different manufacturer’s disc.
n Ensure the disc is clean before recording:
n Remove all fingerprints, dirt, and dust from the shiny side of your disc using a nonabrasive cloth with a mild, nonabrasive soap solution.
n Wipe the disc from the center to the edge.
n Dry the disc completely.
n Close other applications running on your computer while recording.
Note: If you still experience recording errors after trying these suggestions, refer to your recorder’s User Guide for more information.
Viewing error messages
The burn failure window can display an error message that may help you determine the cause of the problem. To view the error message, click the Advanced button.