Not enough space on the disc
The destination disc does not have enough space to store all the information being written to it.
To avoid this error, try one of the following suggestions:
Check disc capacity
Since discs come in different information capacities, ensure that your destination disc is at least as large as the source disc.
A single file cannot be larger than the size of your disc. You may need to use a disc with a larger data capacity to complete your project.
Note: The amount of data you can actually record to a disc will be somewhat less than the full capacity of the disc.
Delete audio tracks or data files from the recording project
Remove some audio tracks or data files from your project, then try recording again.
Note: A minimum amount of data must be written to DVD+R DL discs to ensure compatibility with a wide range of disc drives. Up to 1 GB of space may be lost when writing the first session of an appendable DVD+R DL disc.