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Using dual-layer or double-layer DVD discs
Both double-layer (DVD+R DL) and dual-layer (DVD-R DL) discs are supported when used with compatible DVD recorders.
Both formats have two reflective surfaces, one slightly beneath the other. The DVD player’s laser reads one surface from the disc center to the edge, then refocuses on the other surface and reads back toward the center. Unlike double-sided discs, you do not need to turn the disc over during recording or playback. There is a small pause in playback when the laser refocuses, but this is usually not noticeable.
Here are some tips when using DL discs:
n Double-layer and dual-layer discs are sometimes called DVD 9 discs.
n We recommend that you always use discs that have the same format when making disc copies.
n Layer-jump recording is supported for DVD-R DL discs and compatible drives. Layer-jump recording allows users to add data over multiple recording sessions. The data is evenly distributed on both layers of the disc.
n When using DVD+R media in a DVD+RW DL drive, a message is displayed containing important information about the use of appendable double-layer discs.
Note: A minimum amount of data must be written to DVD+R DL discs to ensure compatibility with a wide range of disc drives. Up to 1 GB of space may be lost when writing the first session of an appendable DVD+R DL disc.