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Opening a saved Roxio Home project
By default, Roxio Home project files are saved in a Roxio Projects folder placed inside your Documents or My Documents folder with a .rox file name extension.
To open a saved project:
n Choose File > Open Saved Project. Use the window to navigate to the file. Select the file and click the Open button.
n From the File menu, select a project from the list of recently saved projects.
n Using Windows Explorer, navigate to the saved project file. Double-click the file name, and the project will open.
When you open a saved project, you will be notified if any of the files in the project are missing. This can happen if a file is moved or deleted after a project is saved. To restore a missing file, add the file to the project window from its new location.
Note: Roxio Home can only open projects that were saved from within Roxio Home. If you saved a project using one of Roxio’s stand-alone components, use that same component to open it.
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