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Error occurred while reading from the source disc
If your source disc is scratched or dirty, your disc reader may not be able to read the information it contains. Try the following actions to solve the problem:
Cleaning the disc
1 Remove all fingerprints, dirt, and dust from the shiny side of your disc using a nonabrasive cloth with a mild, nonabrasive soap solution.
2 Wipe the disc from the center to the edge of the disc.
3 Dry the disc completely.
Try using a different source drive
1 To change the drive you use to read your disc, click the drive drop-down menu in the project window.
2 Select the drive you wish to use from the drop-down menu.
3 Insert your disc into the new drive.
Try using your recorder as both the source and destination drive
When you use the same recorder as the source and destination drive, the content on your source disc is copied to your hard drive and that temporary file is copied back to your blank disc. This can be helpful if the drive you’re using to read your source disc is slow or unreliable.