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Previewing 3D movies
There are several VideoWave settings you can use to make sure your 3D movies display correctly while you are working on them:
n Enable 3D Screen Display Playback: When this setting is turned on VideoWave will process your videos so they can be previewed correctly on a monitor or television set. Click Tools > Options. The setting is on the Options dialog and includes a drop-down list containing the names of several generic 3D display options. Choose the display best suited to the equipment you will be using to preview your video.
Tip: If you will be using a standard monitor and the 3D glasses provided with some versions of this software, select Anaglyph (Red/Cyan).
Tip: Another way to open the Options panel to change the display playback setting is to click Change 3D Screen Display on the Preview control panel.
n 3D Preview: The Preview control panel for a 3D production includes two other features not found in a 2D production:
n 3D Preview list. Select one of the following:
n Anaglyph: This gives you a chance to review the 3D effects, even on a standard computer monitor. You’ll just need a pair of red/cyan glasses, which are included with some versions of this software.
n Active Shutter / Polarized LCD / DLP (Digital Light Processing): The menu will include the display type you have selected on the Options panel.
n Left Eye Only / Right Eye Only: A single view is shown. The movie will appear to run in 2D.
n Full Screen Preview button. Some 3D formats can only be previewed in full-screen mode.
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