To add chapters to a video
1 In the Tree Mode panel, click the Menu icon in the upper-right corner of thumbnail for the video to which you want to add chapters.
2 Click Add Chapters.
The Chapter tab opens in the Media Browser.
3 On the Chapter page, do one of the following:
Below the video preview, drag the scrubber along the time bar or use the playback controls to set the chapter position, and click the Add chapter button .
Note: The button is unavailable if you have less than 10 secs between chapter points or between the start and end of the video.
In the Automatically create chapters area, set time intervals for chapters by entering values for the minutes (Min) and seconds (Sec), and click the Create Chapters button .
4 If you want to customize the name for your chapters, in the Tree Mode panel, double-click the chapter name at the top of a chapter thumbnail (by default, it will be a number), and type a name.
Chapter points appear as orange markers along the time bar in the video playback area of the Chapter page.
A chapter menu and the chapter points are added to the tree.