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Organizing files in a Burn Data Disc project
Files and folders can be copied to a data disc with as much — or as little — organization as you desire. You can add individual files to a disc with no directory structure. You can add entire folders and maintain the directory structure within them. Or you can create an entirely new directory structure on your disc and then add files or folders to those new directories.
The project toolbar includes several buttons to help you organize your discs:
Back button
Displays the previous file directory
Up button
Moves up one file directory
New directory button
Creates a new folder on your disc
Remove button
Removes the selected file or folder
In addition, the Burn Data Disc project window displays the following information about each of the files included in your recording: Name, Size, Type, Date Modified, and Source Path. To view all of the file information, it may be necessary to enlarge the project window or adjust the width of each column of information.
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