MP3 discs
Making an MP3 disc
The format used to create audio CDs produces large, uncompressed files. As a result, a typical audio CD only contains 10 to 20 songs.
An MP3 disc, on the other hand, can hold hundreds of songs because compressed audio files copied to an MP3 disc stay compressed. MP3 discs can be played on computers, music players, and compatible set-top disc players. Consult the user guide for your device to learn more about the disc and file formats it supports.
When you insert an MP3 disc into your computer, the disc begins playing automatically. The songs play in the order you set using the Burn MP3 CDs project.
MP3 discs can include files saved in many popular formats include, MP3, WMA, and others. The Burn MP3 CDs project can also burn music files to DVD and Blu-ray Discs.
Note: In most cases, you will create MP3 discs from files on your computer. If the Rip project is available in the Music - Audio category, you can also add files to your Burn MP3 CDs project directly from one or more audio CDs. See Adding files directly from audio CDs for more information.
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