Burn MP3 CDs options
Note: Not all options are available for all drives or operating systems.
Click the Options button to open the Options window. Here you will find settings that can be used to customize your projects.
General Music
n Warn that discs are not appendable: Once an audio disc is burned, you can no longer add files to it. You will be reminded of this if a check mark appears in this box.
n Automatically eject disc after burning: Having the disc eject automatically often serves as a useful reminder that a project is finished.
Quick Find
n Hide files shorter than (in seconds): Select this check box to limit your scans to audio files longer than the number of seconds you specify. This number can be from 1 to 180 seconds.
This option will speed up your next scan by eliminating short audio files, such as the one you hear when Windows starts up. It does not affect playlists.
n Disable system autorun: The Windows autorun feature can be an annoyance. Select this option to disable autorun when using this application.
n Acoustic alert after burning: A bell tone alerts you when a disc is finished burning by selecting this option.
n Recording memory cache: The default is 4.7 MB. In most cases, you do not need to change this setting. Increasing the cache can help prevent underrun problems on computers with 512 MB or more of RAM.
n Select drive speed: Depending on your system, one or more drop-down lists allow you to manually set the recording speed for your recordings. The available speed settings are based on the information reported by your recorder drives.
By default, your recordings will be burned at the maximum speed available for your combination of drive and media. If you experience errors during recording, try reducing the maximum recorder speed.