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Disk or Partition backup (Advanced)
Use Disk or Partition to back up a hard disk or the portion of a hard disk known as a partition.
Note: We strongly recommend selecting an Entire Computer or Hard Disk backup when backing up your operating system.
To create a Disk or Partition backup:
1 Click Advanced Backup.
2 In the area labeled Disk or Partition, click Create a new backup.
3 If you have not created a recovery disc, a dialog window opens giving you the option to create one immediately. (You can also create a recovery disc later by selecting Tools > Create Bootable Recovery Disc.) If you already have a recovery disc, go to step 4.
Caution: You may not be able to start your computer after a crash without a recovery disc. For more information about recovery discs, click here.
4 Select your backup source. If you intend to back up only a partition, select it.
5 Use the on-screen assistant to complete your backup.
To edit a Disk or Partition backup:
1 Click Advanced Backup.
2 Select the backup you would like to edit. The details of the backup are displayed.
Tip: If you have multiple backups saved, use the scroll bar on the right side of the Disk or Partition panel to view all saved backups.
3 Click Modify. The on-screen assistant opens.
4 Use the on-screen assistant to make desired changes to your backup.
5 On the backup summary page, click Save settings to save any changes.
6 Click Run Now, if desired, to immediately run the backup.
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