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Importing live video from an HDV camera
Use Media Import to import live video from an attached HDV camera. You must connect the camera to the computer using a FireWire (1394) cable.
To import live video from an HD camera:
1 Ensure that your camera is in the correct mode to record video. For more information, check the documentation for your camera.
Tip: Choose the mode that allows you to record video. The mode name varies depending on the brand of the HDV camera.
2 Connect the HDV camera to your computer using a FireWire cable.
Note: If you have not already chosen an application to use with the camera, you are prompted to do so. Select Media Import and click OK.
If Media Import is open on your computer, continue with the next step.
If Media Import is not open, it opens and the Video Import Home page appears. Skip to step 5.
3 On the Media Import Home page, click Video.
4 On the Video Import Home page, in the Device drop-down list, select the HDV camera.
5 In the Save To box, select the folder in which you want to save the media files.
6 In the Rename Files text box, enter a name for the new video file.
Media Import uses the text you enter to name the new video file. If a file with this name already exists in the selected location, Media Import appends a five-digit number to the name (for example, “Imported Videos 00001”).
7 Click Capture Now and use the video camera to record the live video.
Media Import imports the video to your hard disk. While it imports the video, Media Import shows the amount of video imported, in hours, minutes and seconds, and indicates how much disk space is available on your hard disk, in GB.
8 When you are finished recording video, click Stop.
A thumbnail of the new video file appears in your Import Bin.
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