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Starting Label Creator projects
A Label Creator project consists of all the layouts you would like to work on for a disc, jewel case, or DVD case. When you start a new project you first choose what type of project it is (audio, data, video) and then add the layouts you want to include in the project.
To start a new Label Creator project:
1 Choose File > New Project.
The Start New Project dialog box appears.
Note: You will be prompted to save any unsaved projects first.
Label Creator clears the previous project and creates a new one.
2 Select a project type from the drop-down list (Audio Project, Data Project, or Video Project).
You can change the project type later, in the Smart Objects dialog box. For more information, see Selecting Smart Objects.
3 Select the layouts you want to create. For more information, see Selecting layouts.
You can add more layouts later, by clicking Select more layouts arrow button in the Layout Navigator.
4 Click OK, and then continue with the following sections to customize your project: