Before you print
It is normal for printers to differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. Each printer differs slightly in terms of the exact position on the page where it prints—this is known as printing alignment. For example, one kind of printer may print 0.2 of an inch to the left of where another kind of printer prints.
This slight variation may be hardly noticeable, but if not fixed it may cause your layout to be printed over the carefully-designed outlines of a disc label or cover on the stock you have purchased. If this happens, you will have to throw away your paper and print again.
The first time you use a printer with Label Creator, you will be prompted to adjust the printer alignment. Follow the steps given on screen, or to adjust your printer at another time, see Adjusting the printer alignment.
Note: Adjusting the print area alignment in Label Creator does not affect how your printer prints with other applications in any way. It only changes how Label Creator interprets actions to the printer.