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Using Express Labeler
You can create labels, inserts and booklets while you’re burning discs, in Express Labeler. Express Labeler guides you as you select the project layout and style, and the information that will appear on the disc, such as the disc title and artist name.
Express Labeler is the fastest way to create and print your labels.
To use Express Labeler:
1 In Label Creator, choose Tools > Express Labeler.
2 Select the layouts you want to create. For example, to create a disc label and front and back covers for the disc jewel case, select the Disc, Front, and Back layouts.
The layouts that you select appear in the bottom Layout Navigator area of Express Labeler.
3 Click Next.
4 Choose a project type, style, and content for your labels and inserts:
a Select one of the following project types from the drop-down list:
n Audio Project
n Data Project
n Video Project
b Click Select Style.
The Select Style dialog box appears.
c Select the style that you want for your project, and then click OK.
Note: In the Use Style Objects area, you can select whether to apply the style image (background), object layout (placements), and/or font settings.
The style is applied to your project.
d Click Edit Content.
The Smart Object Editor appears.
e Select the Smart Objects that you want to include on your label or insert.
To import the Smart Object information from the disc that is currently in the recorder, select Auto-Fill from Disc.
f Click OK.
The project is updated with the content that you selected.
5 When you have finished selecting the project type, style, and content, click Next.
6 Choose one of the following options:
n Print: To print the labels and inserts without saving the project, or before saving the project.
n Save: To save your labels and inserts as a Label Creator project that you can print or continue to work with later.
n Edit in Label Creator: To open Label Creator and continue working with this project.
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