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Overview of creating labels and disc inserts
Each set of labels, inserts, sleeves, binder pages, and covers you create is called a project, and creating projects is a simple process:
1 Create a new Label Creator project. Select the types of labels or inserts you want to create (that is, the layouts), and choose a project type (audio, data, or video). For more information, see Starting Label Creator projects.
2 Add information about the disc to your project. The information you add depends on the type of disc you are creating the label for. For example, for an audio CD or a DVD, you can include the names of the audio tracks, the artist, the title, and so on.
For more information, see Auto-filling Smart Objects.
3 Apply a style to your project. Choose from a selection of professionally designed styles, or create your own custom design. For more information, see Applying styles.
4 Print your project. Print test pages to make sure your labels, covers, and inserts align with the paper properly, and then print your project. For more information, see Printing Label Creator projects.
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