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Adding text, shapes, and images
Follow these procedures to add regular text, shapes, and graphics to your layouts. For information about adding Smart Objects, see Selecting Smart Objects.
To add a shape or text object to a layout:
1 In the Add Objects area, select the type of object you want to add.
The object is added to the right side of the Layout area, outside of the print area.
2 Continue with the following procedures in this section to select, move, or resize the object.
To add an image to a layout do one of the following:
n In the Add Objects area, select Add Image (or choose Add > Image > From File).
The Add dialog box appears. Locate the image you want to add, and click Open.
n Select an image from another application, copy and paste it into the Layout area, or drag it into the Layout area, drop it, and move or resize the image as required.
If the image you selected in another application is not a supported file type, Label Creator will not allow you to drop it in the Layout area.
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