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Selecting and clearing objects
Choose one of the following ways to select a shape or text object:
n Click anywhere on the object (except the endpoint of a Line object). Handles appear.
n Choose Edit > Object Selector, select the object from the list, and double-click or click Select. All other objects in the Layout area are deselected and the object you choose is selected.
Choose one of the following ways to select the background object:
n Click on the background image.
n Choose Edit > Select Background Object. The background is selected in the Layout area.
Note: To prevent accidentally repositioning the background, choose Tools > Lock Selection.
Select an object and choose one of the following ways to select multiple objects:
n Before selecting another, press Ctrl.
n Before selecting another, press Shift.
n Drag the mouse over all the objects you wish to select.
The first item you selected has solid handles. If you use the options to match objects sizes, align, or center objects, Label Creator applies the appropriate properties of the first object to all of the other selected objects.
To clear an object from multiple selection group:
n Press the Ctrl key and click the object to remove it from the selection.
To clear all objects:
n Click in the canvas outside any object.
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