Importing tracks from discs
In addition to copying tracks from CDs and DVDs, you can also select tracks from disc image files and DVD-Video folders.
n Disc image files: A disc image file is a complete copy of a disc that is stored on your hard disk as a file instead of recorded to a blank disc. Valid disc image files include .iso, .c2d (Roxio proprietary format), and .cue.
n DVD-Video folders: A DVD-Video folder is a “VIDEO_TS” folder on a disc or hard disk that contains valid DVD-Video source content. The audio from each chapter of a DVD‑Video folder can be added to a project.
To import tracks from a disc:
1 In the Add to Project area, click Import from CD/DVD.
2 Use the Media Selector to select the CD or DVD drive, or locate a disc image file or DVD‑Video “VIDEO_TS” folder.
For more information, see Using the Media Selector, or click Help or press F1 in the Media Selector.
3 Select the audio CD tracks or DVD-Video chapters you want to copy, and then click Add.
4 Optional: Select the import settings you want to use, and then click Save.
Tip: To add or change track information, click Audio Tags.
The tracks are added to the project.
5 To rearrange the tracks, select and drag them to a new location.
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