Creating track lists using Search by Tags
Music Disc Creator’s “Search by Tags” feature automatically generates tracks lists for your projects. For example, you might use Search by Tags to create a track list that includes files of a particular genre or by a particular artist.
Note: This feature creates track lists by searching your Roxio database of media files. If a track on your computer is not found, then it is not in the database.
Creating track lists using Search by Tags:
1 Choose Tools > Search by Tags.
2 For Tag, choose the type of tag you want to search for (for example, track name or artist name).
3 For Condition, choose how you want to search for the tag (for example, choose, Equals or Contains).
4 For Value, enter the values of the criteria the search is based on (for example, if you selected “Genre” as a search criterion, you could select “Jazz” as the value).
5 To add another rule, click the plus sign.
6 Optional. For Limit results to, enter the maximum number of tracks, minutes, or megabytes to include in the track list (for example, 25 tracks, 45 minutes, 20 megabytes).
7 Optional. To add the files to the project in random order, select Shuffle result set.
8 Choose how to add the tracks to the project:
n Add tracks to currently selected track list in project
n Add tracks as a new track list
If you chose to add the tracks as a new track list, enter a name for the track list.
9 To create the track list, click Search.
10 To add the tracks to the project, click Add to Project.
For more detailed information, click Help or press F1 in the Search by Tags dialog box.
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