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Creating a rolling movie credits effect
Follow this procedure to create a rolling movie credits effect in your production. For example, you might list “credits” on a color panel at the beginning or end of the production.
To create a rolling movie credits effect:
1 Select the color panel on which you want to add the movie credits.
2 In the Add Content area, click Add Text Effect.
3 Select one of the credit effects and click OK.
4 When prompted, select Insert on internal text track of selected panel and click OK.
The item appears in the Preview area.
5 Click the placeholder text object to select it, and then type your credits.
Tip: If your credits are too long to appear in the placeholder object, on the Preview toolbar click Text Editor. The Text Editor provides scroll bars you can use to move through the placeholder and add more credits.
6 If the Settings panel is not already open, click More Settings on the Preview area toolbar.
7 Click the Motion tab on the Settings panel.
8 In the Start Path area, select Scroll, and then from the Style drop-down menu, choose a scroll option.
9 Optional: Use the Preview area editing tools or the Settings editing tools to modify the appearance of the credits.
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