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Working with text settings
The following topics describe useful text effects you can achieve using the Settings dialog box:
Positioning text in a production
You can position text by dragging in the Preview window, but for finer control of text position, and to rotate text, use the Advanced Settings.
To position text in a production:
1 Select the text you want to change.
2 Chose View > TV Safe Zone to view the safest area for placing text, if you plan to play the production on a TV.
3 If the Settings panel is not already open, click More Settings on the Preview area toolbar.
4 To change the position, click the Position tab on the Settings panel.
5 Use the Rotation, X Rot. and Y Rot. controls to control the rotation of the text. Rotation rotates the text on the plane. X Rot. rotates the text around the X axis, and Y Rot. rotates the text around the Y axis.
6 Use the X Pos., Y Pos., and Z Pos. controls to set the X, Y, and Z coordinates of the text.
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