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Inserting a color panel into your production
You can insert a solid color into any panel in your production. The color panel will behave the same way as a photo inserted into your production.
When you can add color panels between two items (video clips or photos), the screen fills with the selected color for a specified time between the items. For example, you can add a color panel that displays a green screen for half a second between two video clips.
You can also add text to the color panel if you want to display a title between video clips and photos. For more information, see Adding basic text and text effects to individual items.
If you add a color panel and a transition between video clips or photos, the color panel displays behind the transition. For example, if you add a red color panel and transition between two photos, the red color shows behind the transition.
To insert a color panel:
1 Right-click any panel, empty or occupied, and choose Insert Color Panel.
Note: If you click an occupied panel, the color panel is inserted before it. If you click an unoccupied panel, the color panel replaces it.
The Color Picker dialog box appears.
2 Choose a color for the panel you want to insert and click OK.
Tip: For more color choices, click Create Colors.
The color panel is inserted into the production. If you chose an occupied panel, the color panel is inserted before the occupied panel.
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