Adjusting color in video clips
If the color (the amount of red, green, and blue), brightness, contrast, or saturation in your video clip is not true (for example, if the video clip contains too much or too little red), you can correct it.
Note: During analysis of the color in a video clip, the entire media file is analyzed, not just the selected scene. As a result, the first time you analyze color for a video clip, the analysis may take a long time (depending on the size of the clip). This approach ensures that, if you later adjust the video clip in and out points to show more of the clip, the new section will also be color-corrected.
To correct the color in a video clip:
1 Click on the video clip to select it.
2 Click Auto-color.
The Production Editor corrects the color.
3 If you do not like the result, click Auto-color again to undo it.
Tip: If you have the optional Advanced Settings feature, you can also adjust the color manually. To display the Advanced Settings, select the video clip and, in the Tools area, click Show Settings.
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