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Detecting and defining scenes in a video clip
You can detect scenes within a video clip automatically, or you can define them manually. Each new scene is created as a new sub-video clip that exists only as part of the larger video clip. You can then choose the scenes to be added to your production.
Perform scene detection before you add a clip to your production.
To detect scenes:
1 In the Media Selector, right-click the video clip, and choose Scene Detection.
The Scene detection dialog box appears, displaying the video clip in a preview window.
2 To detect scenes automatically, follow these steps:
a In the Auto detect area, use the Sensitivity slider to increase or decrease the auto-detect sensitivity.
Auto-detect creates sub-video clips from larger video clips by detecting changes in the color and brightness in the video, which may indicate a scene change. Increase the sensitivity to create video clips when less change is detected, or decrease the sensitivity to create video clips only when more significant changes are detected.
Note: Scenes shorter than three seconds will not be detected.
b Click Auto-detect now.
The video clip plays back in fast motion in the preview screen. Each time a new scene is detected, a thumbnail of the first frame of the scene is added as a thumbnail to the list below.
Tip: To stop at any time, click Cancel.
3 To add scenes manually:
a In the preview window, use the Preview controls to cue the video to the frame at which you want to define a new scene.
b Click Add scene.
Each time you define a scene, a thumbnail of the first frame of that scene is added to the thumbnail area.
c For each scene you want to define, repeat step a and step b.
4 To delete any of the defined scenes, select the thumbnail of the scene and then, on the tool bar, click Remove. (This will not delete any part of the larger video clip—it will only delete the definition of the scene.)
5 To save your changes, click OK.
In the Media Selector, an arrow appears in the bottom right corner of the video clip. Click the arrow to view the scenes and drag them into your production.
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