Cropping objects
Follow this procedure to select an area of interest in a photo or other object, and crop or remove the rest of the object.
Note: If you save a cropped photo in PhotoSuite format (.dmsp), the entire original photo is preserved, including the crop settings. If you save the cropped photo in any other format, the cropped area is permanently deleted.
To crop an object:
1 If you want to crop a photo or any other object in a PhotoSuite project file, select it in the Canvas.
2 On the Fix your photos tab, click Crop.
The object is enclosed by a dashed box. The borders of the box are called crop lines. Squares, called resize handles, are located in the corners. The area of the photo inside the crop lines is called the area of interest. This is area that is kept, while everything outside of the crop lines is removed.
3 Select a dimension for the crop area, or move the crop lines to outline the area that you want to keep. Use any of the following methods to move the crop lines:
n Drag anywhere on the horizontal or vertical crop lines to move them individually.
n Drag the resize handles to maintain the aspect ratio.
n Press and hold Shift and drag the resize handles to move both the horizontal and vertical crop lines without maintaining the aspect ratio.
n Move the cursor over the area of interest and click and drag the crop lines to another location without changing the dimensions of the area of interest.
4 Optional: To view only the area of interest, select the Hide cropped area check box.
Tip: To reset the crop lines, click Reset.
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