Straightening photos
Follow this procedure to straighten a misaligned photo. For example, you might need to straighten a photo that was not perfectly straight when it was scanned.
To straighten a photo:
1 If you want to straighten a photo or any other object in the PhotoSuite project file, select it in the Canvas.
2 On the Fix your photos tab, click Straighten.
3 Create a reference point for PhotoSuite. To do this, click in two spots on the photo to draw a line along an object that should be perfectly vertical or horizontal.
Try to make the line parallel to an edge that you know should be perfectly straight. The reference line tells PhotoSuite which edge of the photo is misaligned.
Tip: If you make a mistake, click Reset line to start again.
4 Click Straighten.
5 PhotoSuite straightens the photo. Repeat step 3 and step 4, if necessary.
6 When you are satisifed with the result, click Done.
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