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Positioning objects in projects
Follow this procedure to change the position of photos and other objects in projects. A project is any PhotoSuite file that contains more than one photo or object.
For information about creating projects, see Creating new projects.
To position objects in projects:
1 Select the object you want to move.
Note: You can only change the position of an object in a PhotoSuite project file (.dmsp). You cannot change the position of a photo in the Canvas unless you convert the file into the PhotoSuite project format.
2 Click and drag the object to a new position.
Using the advanced Position tool
To move objects with the Position tool, follow these steps:
1 Select the object in your project that you want to move.
2 In the Tools pane, click Position.
3 Change the position in one of the following ways:
n Click one of the predefined positions.
n Follow these steps:
n Select a unit of measurement (inches, centimeters, or pixels).
n Select an offset anchor. The default anchor is Top Left.
n Enter the horizontal and vertical offset positions for the object. The offset position is the number of units measured horizontally and vertically from the offset anchor to the anchor point of the selected photo or project object.
To restore the object’s position to its original values, click Reset.
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