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Setting Disc Image Loader options
Set the Disc Image Loader options to customize some of the ways you work with Disc Image Loader.
To set the Disc Image Loader options:
1 Choose Tools > Options.
The Options dialog box appears.
2 To reset the “Do not show me again” warnings, check the Reset “Do not show me again” warnings check box.
3 Select the drive letters that you want to assign to emulated drives.
4 To reload disc image files into emulated drives each time you reboot your computer, select the Reload disc image files after reboot check box.
5 To clear the list of disc image files in the Disc Image List, click Clear.
In the Disc Image List, all of the disc image entries are removed from the list.
6 To add disc image files you have previously added and then removed from the Disc Image List, click Lookup.
The disc image files appear listed in the Disc Image List.
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